TeamCamp is all about fun, learning, and empowering students to lead.  Our programme sees international teams work together and includes team challenges, cultural trips, and accredited English tuition.

For UK students, the ambassador programme offers an exclusive opportunity.  Students must complete a short application form and a telephone interview.  If successful, they receive a discounted place and gain awesome training in return for playing an ambassadorial role at camp.  See the booking page for more information.

Subsections on this page:

Our Approach

Our team based approach means high quality student interactions and a collaborative culture.  This means more fun – and superior learning – for everyone.

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Camp Activities

Fun Challenges: Action challenges include Sports (football, cricket, and more), street dance, and random other just-for-the-fun-of-it activities such as high ropes and laser tag. Secondly, Arts activities include a group art project and a Drama project. The latter sees small groups taking on different leadership roles to put on a production for their peers. Other team challenges range from strategy games in woodland to public speaking.

Character Skills: We make use of the exciting team based games to introduce and practice core skills in leadership, teamwork, and negotiation. For example, proprietary games 'Raid & Trade' and/or 'Team Attack!' take place throughout camp. Participants take on different leadership, character, and activity roles to bring their team glory! Also, students are coached in small teams and receive personal feedback reports to celebrate progress.

English Tuition & Cultural Trips: TeamCamp activities provide superior interaction to other English camps. Team members are solving challenges together – in English. This learning by doing is complemented by 2 hours daily tuition for international students (teachers are CELTA/TEFL trained or equivalent), and by writing a report on their team’s dynamics.  Each camp has two cultural excursions, one mid-camp and one at the end to London.

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Skills Development

TeamCamp employs proprietary learning structures for measurable character skill development. These build upon pioneering work into character skills education by the KIPP schools in the USA and Educational psychologists such as Carol S. Dweck.

Among other things these mean that Staff members act as facilitators to small teams of students. They help teams avoid counterproductive patterns (e.g. blaming), while encouraging positive ones (e.g. active listening).

The learning structures include:

  1. Two Student Workshops, introducing a unique skills model and lexicon:
    • two overarching strengths underpinning leadership and team skills;
    • six observable, measurable behaviours that bring these strengths to life.
  2. Coaching, reflection and feedback mechanisms, every day.
  3. Activities that empower students to take on built-in leadership roles.
  4. Careful staff selection, training, and support so they walk the talk.
  5. Personalised reports for each student that record strengths and progress made.

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Example Timetable

To view an example timetable please click HERE which will open a new window. For information on timings, please see Locations, Dates, & Times and/or FAQs (which has other info about the timetable too).

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I loved all the different things we did and meeting different people. You lot made me so happy

Ellie, Student

I have seen a big difference to Mr Cool Dude. I think you have done a fantastic job. Thank you so much.