International Camps – Programme

TeamCamp Clubs include a mix of action games, creative activities, and team challenges. They are active, fun, encourage problem solving, literacy, numeracy, and of course teamwork skills.

TeamCamp typically runs two terms a year at participating schools, on site after school. Each term includes an epic and unique TeamCamp ‘tribal’ team game - such as Raid & Trade ™ or Team Attack ™.

Each person helps their tribe to become the best, and every week a series of fun activities tie into this. Here is a selection of some of the activities children will participate in:

  • Determine team roles and elect a tribal chieftain
  • Create bases, protect treasure, and raid enemy bases
  • Design costumes and write their back-stories
  • Calculate cunning plans and solutions
  • Solve fun challenges with friends
  • Run around playing crazy action games

TeamCamp is an Ofsted registered provider and adheres to recommended best practices for child protection, health and safety. All staff are vetted (with DBS, identity, and reference checks) and are trained in child protection. A copy of our policies and procedures is available upon request.