School Camps - Results

TeamCamp boosts academic success and pupil confidence, as the following results powerfully prove.

Our 2015 results are given on the right hand side and below.  These are taken from the 100s of pupil surveys and test scores across all our programmes.

  • 88% of pupils rated their TeamCamp experience as amazing or good.
  • HUGE academic progress was made by pupils - see right hand side.
  • 97% of pupils said their Maths and English skills improved, while 80% said they improved 'lots' or 'a good amount'.
  • Those reporting low confidence about starting school fell 80%. Confidence levels for working in teams and in English and Maths also increased significantly.

Goals, and thus results, may vary depending upon the programme chosen. In the case of our Residentials service, particular care is taken to agree learning objectives with the School in advance. This will also impact how results are measured.

Students that took part made significant progress in English and Maths.

J. Zweistra, Ass. Head, Marshalls Park School