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TeamCamp has been running Summer Schools for Schools since 2012. Now, in 2016, we are launching our new peer-2-peer summer schools service.

A peer-2-peer summer school is one run by students for students. It offers both the ideal transition for vulnerable Y7s, and a powerful development opportunity for high-potential Y10s.

It also provides the ideal launch-pad for a year-long mentoring programme, such as that provided by Franklin Scholars. Together, these services create a value-for-money intervention with massive and enduring impact.

TeamCamp staff run the summer school, plus train and manage volunteers. TeamCamp’s high impact programme fills in academic gaps while building pupil confidence and growth mind-set. Meanwhile, an ongoing mentoring programme enables gains to be bedded in and built upon.

5 Pillars of the Summer Schools Service

TeamCamp will structure, staff, and run the summer school at your school in partnership with you. Maths, English, and Science comprise a third of our standard programme. The rest includes sports, drama, art and fun team building activities. See the 5 pillars of the service, below.

5 pillars

Example Timetable

Example timetable

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Safety & Safeguarding

TeamCamp is an Ofsted registered provider and adheres to recommended best practices for child protection, health and safety.

All staff are vetted (with DBS, identity, and reference checks) and all our Camp Directors are trained in child protection (level 3 certification) before running a camp.

We maintain risk assessments, incident reports, and will provide you with any confidential incident reports that occur. A copy of our policies and procedures is available upon request.

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TeamCamp made me realise that I don’t have to be shy.

Shakira, Pupil Participant